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Mid-Valley Legal Nurse Consulting is a firm with over 25 years of medical/healthcare experience—clinically and administratively. Our expertise spans the scope of inpatient and outpatient care. We provide consulting services to attorneys, insurance companies, individuals and businesses. Why use a Legal Nurse Consultant? It’s time-saving and cost-efficient! We do the research, we prepare opinion reports, we compile the evidence and locate expert witnesses. Mid-Valley is the go-to resource for any case that involves health, illness or injury.

  • Analyze and investigate medical records
  • Conduct medical research
  • Screen cases for merit
  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to damages or injuries
  • Identify medical standards of care
  • Cost of care analysis
  • Create demonstrative evidence
  • Locate or act as expert witnesses
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Why is a Legal Nurse Consultant So Important to Attorneys?
It’s so much more efficient to let a Legal Nurse Consultant handle the medical aspects of your case! We offer a total understanding of the health care system, hierarchy, cost analysis, medical procedures, standards of care and so much more. A more streamlined process involving detailed medical cases strategically places you in a position to win your case.

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